Located off of Hwy 20 in eastern Oregon is the small town of Drewsey. About 10 miles West of the Drewsey on Van Drewsey Rd is a Small Inn called Blue Bucket Inn.  http://www.bluebucketinn.com/ This was our first place of rest when driving back to St. Louis after a great visit with my Aunt Diana, cousin Betsey, and her Husband James.  

The Inn was located on a fully functioning farm.  My father grew up going to his family’s farm in Illinois and I hoped this place would bring back some good memories for him.  With his recent diagnosis of dementia I try to find things that will bring back old memories, thoughts, and feelings.  I think this location was really good for him.  I would love to take him back and spend more than one night there.  

The Inn was small, cozy, and very friendly.  Our Host was filling in for the owner ( I believe it was the owner) who had just given birth.  She was the farmers wife, very kind and polite. Our room was small with farm like decor and pretty much what you would expect for a small Inn on a farm. I personally really liked the room. After getting settled in we walked around a bit just taking photos (above) then we stood by the fence watching the houses graze, it was rather relaxing and I think dad really enjoyed the open pasture, the familiar farm smells and the quietness of farm live.

When heading in for dinner we met the other guest, Lee.  I can’t recall where Lee was from but i do remember that he was a airline pilot on vacation and he was there scouting out good spots for the up coming hunting season. He was a very nice guy and dad really enjoyed his company.  

At the Blue Bucket Inn one of the perks is a home cooked dinner.  To nights dinner was meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and i believe corn was the veggie.  Its hard to remember cause I kept going back for more meat loaf, it was amazing! The meat came right from their farm, super fresh! 

We turned in shortly after dinner to prepare for a long drive to Park City Utah.  Don’t go to Park City Utah.  What a horrible place.

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